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Event guide for startups

Posted by Evelyn Wolf

09-Nov-2015 18:11:41

This week, I am recovering from Web Summit 2015. If you don’t know it, this is an annual event where the tech industry, in particular, startups get together. This was my first event planning and attending as a startup marketer. Here is what I learnt:


Topics: Inbound vs. Outbound

Getting the most out of your Events – Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Posted by Evelyn Wolf

17-Jan-2014 12:52:02

I’ve been in marketing now for over 10 years and like many I started off in events. I managed gigs, fashion shows and also corporate events, launches and trade shows. The latter were always measured by the stack of business cards you brought back to the office.

Are events still effective today? Are they too outbound for an inbound marketer?


Topics: Inbound vs. Outbound

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After working in marketing for many years the outbound way, I realised it wasn’t working. Not for me as a marketer and not for the people that I wanted to market to. After a stint in HubSpot, advising businesses around the globe on their marketing strategy, I now apply my knowledge in the startup space. 

In this blog I want to share my thoughts and ideas with you – and no, I don’t know it all, so please correct me, discuss things with me and point me to fresh sources!


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