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About Us - Make the most out of this page

Posted by Evelyn Wolf

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29-Jul-2016 18:30:49

It’s one of those pages that every website has, but, very few marketers really see as an opportunity. At a recent event (Learn Inbound - if you are based in Dublin check it out), a speaker gave a great piece of advice on how to convert on your ‘About Us’ page. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head, you can do so much more! Here some ideas. 

Let your personality shine

Many marketers spend a lot of time getting their tone of voice right on social media and their blog. Yet, when it comes to the ‘About Us’ page, the effort to tell a great story in a personable tone of voice tends to go right out the window. A few photos and a brief paragraph as put on the page that “has to be there”. 
When someone comes to see your ‘About Us’ page, they want to know more about you. They are highly engaged in this moment of time. Let your personality shine through and tell your story with the same tone of voice you utilise for your social media messages and your blog posts. You have a great opportunity here to tell your company’s story, the idea behind it, the passion you and your team have for the business. And remember, a great story can be short, told in pictures or innovative timeline graphics. Just be sure, to tell it right. 

Your thought leadership

As inbound marketers we aim to promote our business’ thought leadership. You can find us submitting comments to articles or press releases. But, also publishing content on industry related websites and blogs. Your ‘About Us’ page is a great way to show off that thought leadership and where your business has been featured. For your visitors to see that an industry publication trusted to publish your views, helps them gain greater trust in you. 

Your customer voice

We pepper testimonials across our sites and even have a case study sections available. Both of these tend to focus on product usage and service delivery. However, when you look at case studies in particular, there tends to be a line on working with your team or your company that gets lost. Why not pull this out and place it in your ‘About Us’ section? Have someone else tell your story and share their experience. If you work with short testimonials rather than full case studies, check with customers if they are willing to give you two: one for your product / service and the other about what it's like working with your team. 

Contact details

People come to your ‘About Us’ page to learn more about you. This includes where you are based and how to reach you. Don’t make people find a link to ‘contact’ you on this page. Make it easy. 

Connect with the right people

Why not take the contact details scenario one step further and connect visitors with the right person? If you have a particular person to talk to for support, to talk sales or to submit content to, then list them here. Make it easy for visitors to get in touch.  

Conversion opportunity 

I mentioned being at a recent Learn Inbound event. Here, Brian Dean of Backlinko was a speaker. Here is one piece of advice he gave the room: Check out the pages that generate a lot of traffic and receive a lot of visits. You’ll be surprised that your ‘About Us’ page is likely to feature if you have it well optimised and linked to. But, what generally doesn’t feature on an ‘About Us’ page is a conversion opportunity.
Currently, I’m trying to boost our blog subscribers. I’m not sending newsletters for a variety of reasons, and find that a monthly blog subscription email is a great substitute. I added a call-to-action to our ‘About Us’ page to sign up to our blog. Why? If a visitor comes here, they want to know more about us, they are engaged and if they are not ready to contact us, this is a great way to continue staying engaged. First results have been promising, I’ll keep you posted. 
All of these tips are things you should be able to implement in a few hours. Why not try it and take your ‘About Us’ from being meh to becoming an engaging, converting contributor to your business? 

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